The ten goofiest B horror movie musical interludes:


10. Blood of Dracula ("Puppy Love" sung by Jerry Blaine)

9. Frankenstein's Daughter ("Daddy Bird" sung by Harold Lloyd Jr. with the Page Cavanaugh Trio)

8. The Beatniks ("Leather Coat" sung by Tony Travis)

7. The Girl in Room 13 ("Leave Me Alone" sung by Andrea Bayard)

6. Satan In High Heels ("I Would If I Could" sung by Sabrina)

5. The Giant Gila Monster ("The Mushroom Song" sung by Don Sullivan)

4. The Beach Girls and the Monster ("Monster in the Surf" sung by a puppet, written by Frank Sinatra Jr.)

3. Ghost of Drag Strip Hollow ("Geronimo" played by Nick Venet and band)

2. Speed Crazy ("Speed Crazy" sung by Slick Slavin)

1. Teenage Strangler ("Yipes Stripes" sung by Stacey Smith)