Fresh from the B Monster's bulging repository of trivial filmic archania comes this copious quantity of callous commentary calculated to shatter your pre-existing prejudices pertaining to what makes a movie truly B.


The ten worst film performances by a singer

The ten least convincing B movie monsters

The ten worst B movie musical interludes

The ten most misleading B horror film titles

The ten dumbest lines of B movie dialogue

The ten most seductive 1950s B movie scream queens

The ten most menacing B movie maniacs

The top ten B sci fi movie he-men

The ten coolest 1950s B movie aliens

The ten best B movie poster blurbs

"Space creatures snatch girls to mysterious planet!"
Blood Beast From Outer Space

"Human prey of giant gorilla on her wedding night!"
The Bride and the Beast

"50 tons of creeping black horror!"
The Spider

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