With the buffer of 35 years and an ongoing flow of residuals to comfort him, Del Tenney recalls the less-than-party atmosphere that dogged his best-known production. "There were a lot of incidents that happened. There was an accident in the motorcycle, car race. We were using Charter Oaks [Motorcycle Club], you know, the bad boys of the motorcycle gang? I had gotten releases from everybody that if anything happened I would not be responsible either for their lives or for their motorbikes. This guy from the back of the pack thought he was going to be cute and speed up to the front. He clipped this guy's handlebars and over he went. The guy who was playing the lead of the motorcycle pack happened to be an actor who happened to like motorcycles. He went over and the bike went on top of him and we thought he had a broken back."

"They turned a white hell red with enemy blood!"
Ski Troop Attack

"He comes to life to the sounds of rock & horror!"
Teenage Dracula

"Hideous, horrifying maniacs, psychos and fiends seek revenge!"
Nightmare Blood Bath

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