As the star of Forbidden Planet, easily one of the most influential science fiction pictures ever, Anne Francis is in constant demand at film conventions across the country. She's patient, sweet and candid with every fan she meets at such gatherings. In addition, she maintains a steady schedule of film and television work, with appearances in popular TV fare as varied as Murder, She Wrote, Home Improvement and The Drew Carey Show. It's clear the real-life Honey West shows no signs of slowing down.

Q: Do you ever get sick of talking about Forbidden Planet?

ANNE FRANCIS: Not so far, but try me!

Q: This may seem an obvious question, but does it surprise you that after almost 45 years, Forbidden Planet is still considered one of THE best science fiction films ever made?

ANNE: Forty-five years, Marty. You must be kidding. I'm not that old. Actually, at the time, I don't think I gave its longevity any thought. But, today, I see the good work that the Disney artisans did, and the film stands up well alongside all the effects that the studios can throw on the screen today. Quite amazing, I'd say. I understand there's serious talk of a remake. That should be interesting.

"A helicopter's churning blades whirl inches from your head!"
It Came From Outer Space

"He turned the greatest show on earth into a ... "
Circus of Horrors

"A Psychedelic trip into the 5th dimension!"
Curse of the Doll People

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