Guiding Teenage Thunder, Brain From Planet Arous and Teenage Monster to completion was B-movie entrepreneur Jacques Marquette, who, teaming with Brain director Nathan Juran (aka Nathan Hertz), also gave the world Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. "Jacques Marquette was the cameraman and one of the money people involved with it. Jacques later did the camera work on a good western that I did called The Gatling Gun. In fact, he was instrumental in getting me in to meet the director to get the part. I've heard that he's still around but I haven't seen him in a long, long time." Fuller has no explanation, incidentally, for director Juran's alias. "He did that quite often. I had heard that he directed under two or three other names, as well."

"What weird accident of science created it?"

"A cult of undead creatures seek fresh warm human blood!"
The Vampire People

"Craving the blood of beautiful women!"
Horrors of Spider Island

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