Alex Gordon is responsible for an unparalleled list of fondly-remembered B films. Produced in the heyday of the exploitation double feature, Gordon's titles stood out amid the motley crowd of threadbare productions being churned out by independent filmmakers. Pictures such as Dragstrip Girl, Apache Woman, Atomic Submarine and Runaway Daughters leap to mind. All bear the Gordon hallmarks: seasoned players blending with up-and-comers, snappy pacing and clear-eyed, no-frills direction.

What titles does Gordon himself recall with fondness? Which players left a distinct impression on the young producer? "Day the World Ended was fine," Gordon begins. "Richard Denning was just an absolute delight to work with in all the pictures he did for us. And Mike Connors -- at that time Touch Connors -- was a good friend of ours and also a pleasure to work with. Raymond Hatton was in it and we also had Adele Jurgens who was a real trooper. Lori Nelson was a little down on the low budget thing and still had major company ideas. But she was very nice, very attractive and didn't give us any problems at all. And I'm very fond of [director] Roger Corman."

"Super-sensational preview of tomorrow's space thrills!"
The Lost Planet

"It kills ... but cannot be killed!"
X ... The Unknown

"Attacked by a creature from hell!"
Day the World Ended

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