A passing glance at the film credits of Beverly Garland reveals a staggering diversity. She's tackled roles of every imaginable hue, yet she's the first to admit that B film fans recall the string of low-budget fantasy films she made for director Roger Corman most vividly.

B MONSTER: Is there one film you're asked about more than any other?

BEVERLY GARLAND: Not of This World or It Conquered the World -- what was the one with the carrot? Oh my god! I don't know why anybody likes that film. You know I guess I dislike it because it was so dumb. Half the time we were in that house talking to that terrible machine and then talking among ourselves and then we finally got out of the bloody house and went to the place where the monster was. Geeze -- the original bore. I guess people either like the carrot or thought the idea was great -- I don't know -- those little things that flew around. That was something at least."

"See strangest of all rites in the temple of love!"
Fire Maidens of Outer Space

"It must eat you to live!"
The Spider

"She had to kill the thing her husband had become!"
The Fly

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