Del Tenney sounds like a contented man. Warm and self-assured, he strikes one as being quite comfortable with himself in both the financial and artistic senses. Managing a solid real estate business, dividing his time between several homes around the country, the man who put Stamford, Conn. on the filmic map speaks with good humor of his B movie past. He spins the story of his best-known film, Horror of Party Beach with candor. The story of some rubber suits, a motorcycle gang, and a group of friends who banded together to make a million dollars.

Tenney's story doesn't start in Connecticut, however. "I'm a California boy. Born in Iowa, actually. Mason City, Iowa. When I was 11, my mother and father took my brother and I out to California."

"See screaming young girls sucked into a labyrinth of horror
by a blood-starved ghoul from hell!"
Beast From Haunted Cave

"See natives eaten alive by giant vultures!"
Beast of Blood

"See women trapped in fantastic caverns at the center of the earth!"
The Incredible Petrified World

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