1943: First screen test
1945: First film role in The Falcon in Hollywood
1945: Appeared in The Body Snatcher with Karloff and Lugosi
1946: Appeared in Bedlam with Karloff
1950: Starred in Outrage; first film for director Ida Lupino
1951: Starred in Man From Planet X; first film with director Edgar Ulmer
1951: Title role in Tales of Robin Hood
1953: Appeard as D'Artagnan in Blades of the Musketeers
1955: Appeared in the last of the Republic serials, King of the Carnival
1956: Married Alyce King
1957: Son Cameron born
1957: Appeared in Band of Angels with Clark Gable
1959: Produced, directed and starred in The Hideous Sun Demon
1960: Produced and starred in Beyond the Time Barrier; second film with Edgar Ulmer  
1964: Appeared on first King Family TV special
1980s: Filmed nearly 60 episodes of TV series Westbrook Hospital
1989: Appeared in Alienator
1996: Published autobiography



Robert Clarke's recalls his beginnings at RKO as well as his initial encounter with his fading screen idol Bela Lugosi in our "Vintage Invaders" section. This time around, he speaks with affection of Boris Karloff and touches upon the bargain basement films for which fans seem to remember him best.

Following The Body Snatcher, Clarke was seen to good advantage in one of the more stylish Val Lewton thrillers, Bedlam. Not only was his role a showy one, but he once more shared a sound stage with an actor he'll always regard with profound admiration. "Mr. Karloff -- and that's what I always called him - was absolutely, without question the kindest, gentlest -- the antithesis of everything he was on the screen. He was superb. And yes, very, very helpful. Mr. Karloff would often be sitting in his dressing room and I'd ask him what were, to me, interesting questions about his career."

"The grave can't hold it! Nothing human can stop it!"
The Thing That Couldn't Die

"Man at grips with jaguar fury!"
Curucu, Beast of the Amazon

"Wherever you sit it watches you and makes you part of the show!"
The Hypnotic Eye

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