Few would argue that she'll survive film history as the definitive film noir dame, having appeared in three of the genre's finest offerings: The Narrow Margin, The Killing and Force of Evil. Marie discusses these in detail in our "B Film Noir" section. Below she recalls the drive-in classics for which cult film fans know her best.

The first thing you notice is the eyes. Hooded and glowering, you'd almost believe one glare could slice a guy in two. They saw Marie Windsor through a catalog of some of the best B movies ever produced Beyond her well-earned image as the quintessentially sexy, tough broad, Marie Windsor's versatility is without doubt her most remarkable trait. In a sixty-year career, she's worked in every film genre, lending class to the lowly "Bs" and outshining the stars of the "A" films in which she was featured.

"It mauls, it rips, it vanishes!"
Phantom of the Rue Morgue

"A new kind of terror to numb the nerves!"
Monster That Challenged the World

"Fiery, fearless, ferocious!"
Cat Women of the Moon

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