Jim Arness seems surprised to hear that fans, writers -- even fellow cast members -- have the impression that he's somehow embarrassed by his role in one of the best horror films ever made. "I never played it down at all," says Arness. The Thing was a big hit and a very good film credit for me at the time." Now that that's settled ...

The Thing From Another World is a textbook thriller. The blueprint that all the others have followed, consciously or not. A tighter, more rapid-fire suspense film in any genre is hard to imagine. In the title role, producer Howard Hawks cast Jim Arness, a strapping young actor with the physical presence necessary to portray a brutish, bloodthirsty "intellectual carrot" from outer space.

"Natural or supernatural?"
The Thing From Another World

"How did it get here?"
The Thing From Another World

"A horror horde of crawl-and-crush giants!"

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