In our "Drive-in Double Bill" section,, legendary B film director Herbert L. Strock detailed his filmmaking origins, as well as his initial forays into the sci fi and horror fields. In part two, he brings us up to date, sharing much of his genius for streamlining along the way.

B MONSTER: Just as in Teenage Frankenstein, the final scene of How to Make a Monster is in color. Was this difficult to achieve?

HERB STROCK: The color at the end of these pictures was [producer] Herman Cohen's gimmick and we always had to plan this as a separate reel. You can't intermix color and black and white because one would be out of focus while the other would be in focus. So we planned this very, very carefully. It was a lot of fun working with Herman. We got along fine.

"Diamonds on her meant trouble!"
River Beat

"Warning: Those easily nauseated approach with caution!"
The Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman

"Branded women, notorious women, scarlet women!"
Swamp Women

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