He's a producer, screenwriter, publicist and film preservationist. But more importantly, Alex Gordon is a fan. His legendary B-movie productions, his years as cowboy legend Gene Autry's publicist, and his tireless work in film restoration reflect the fact that his love for movies is unabashed. Growing up in Hampstead, London, Alex was hooked early on. "My brother and I and Bill Everson [the noted film historian] used to go to all the matinees and see all the westerns. I guess that stuck with me." Following service in the second world war, Alex and his brother Richard, an esteemed B-movie producer in his own right, headed for the states with film careers in mind. "We arrived in New York in 1947," Gordon remembers. "I moved to Hollywood permanently in 1952."

"Shock by incredible shock this ravaging death overruns the earth!"
Cosmic Monsters

"A creature to freeze your blood! A story to chill your soul!"
I Bury the Living

"1400 pounds of frozen fury that moves like a man!"
Half Human

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