Author, producer, director, historian, broadcaster and comic-book artist Pat Boyette certainly fits anyone's definition of a modern Renaissance man. Yet for such a talented guy, he's about as unpretentious a fellow as you'd ever want to meet.

It's more than likely that the devoted clique of fans familiar with his prolific stint drawing a variety of comic titles in the 1960s and 70s have no knowledge of the cult films, most memorably The Dungeon of Harrow, for which he may be best known. "Making those films were the happiest moments of my life," he declares, quietly beginning the tale of how movies came to dominate his fondest memories.

"An orgy of looting and lust!"
Panic in Year Zero

"See giant tarantulas eat men alive!"
Women of the Prehistoric Planet

"Diabolical power that made him
the most feared man in the universe!"
Brain From Planet Arous

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