It's no mean feat to whittle the best of the Vincent Price ouvre down to a mere 10 films. But we've engagedthe daughter of the fright-film legend to do just that -- and some of the selections may surprise you.

10. Service De Luxe
My father was always very disappointed by this film. But when I finally saw it, I thought he was a lot better in it than he thought he was. And he was SO handsome.

9. Dragonwyck
His first starring role. And a precursor to the Vincent Price of the Poe films.

8. Champagne for Caesar/His Kind of Woman
He had so much fun making these two movies. And it shows.

7. The Song of Bernadette
A classic film. And the first film where you can glimpse the future Vincent Price film persona.

6. The Raven
Another film where he had a hell of a good time. And it comes through in his performance.

5. Leave Her to Heaven
Not one of his biggest roles, but a very good one in a very good film.

4. House of Wax
Well, what can you say. A classic.

3. Edward Scissorhands
I loved my father's gentle performance in this film. It still moves me.

2. Theater of Blood
He was an amazing speaker of verse. I loved to hear him get a chance to perform Shakespeare on film, even if he was force-feeding poodle pie or frying my future stepmother.

1. Laura
I think this film allows me the closest glimpse of a side of my father's personality as a very young man that he rarely showed. The Southern young man. Not that he was a cad. But he was a well-off, well-bred Southern boy. But more than that, it was an extraordinary ensemble cast, a great director, and a wonderful story. I never get tired of this film.


Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography by Victoria Price is available from St. Martin's Press and online through

Leonard Hughes, a leading authority on the works of Walker Percy, is an editor and theater critic for The Washington Post.

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