Monster Kid Memories tells how Bob Burns was a witness to science fiction history for more than 50 years. Befriending movie serial stars and stuntmen while still a child, Burns was on the set during the production of many classic chapterplays, and began collecting his now historic-props and memorabilia at that time. Though this was a thrill, it all didn't really come together for Burns until he stepped onto the set of George Pal's classic Destination Moon (1950), where, standing on a lavish moonscape created by Chesley Bonestell, Bob fell in love with the world of tomorrow.

Follow Bob Burns as he tells of his friendship with George Pal (When Worlds Collide, War of the Worlds), his close relationship with Glenn Strange, his encounters with horror greats Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr., Elsa Lanchester, Jack Pierce and William Castle, his backyard Halloween shows, his days as a horror host on television's Shock Theater and his time on the sets of such films as Unknown Island, The Comedy of Terrors and the 2002 Time Machine.

Bob Burns has been a collector, actor, make-up artist and science fiction activist since the 1940s. He starred as Tracy, the gorilla, on television's The Ghost Busters, and was involved in the productions of such genre classics as It Conquered the World, Invasion of the Saucer Men and Aliens, among others.

Tom Weaver lives in Sleepy Hollow, New York, and has been interviewing actors and directors since the early 1980s. He has written nearly 20 books on science fiction and horror films, and has contributed to numerous magazines, including Fangoria, Starlog, Cult Movies, Monsters From the Vault and Video Watchdog.

Monster Kid Memories
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