When the B Monster asked a cross-section of film and publishing professionals to name their five favorite bad guys, to no one's surprise, many of the actors cited fell into the horror category. All genres were well-represented, however, and the performers listed range from the mainstream to genuine obscurity.

Tom Weaver
Writer (Fangoria; Starlog; Universal Horrors; Mutants, Monsters and Heavenly Creatures)

1. Lionel Atwill
2. Basil Rathbone
3. John Carradine
4. Bela Lugosi
5. Peter Lorre

Bill Warren
Writer (Keep Watching the Skies; Set Visits; contributing editor to Maltin's Video Guide)

1. Humphrey Bogart
2. Peter Lorre
3. James Mason
4. Christopher Lee
5. Alan Rickman

"Ask me tommorow, and you might get a different list."

Fred Olen Ray
Director (Dinosaur Island; Attack of the 60 ft. Centerfold; Invisible Mom)

1. William Smith
2. Sid Haig
3. Leo Gordon
4. Lee Van Cleef
5. Mike Mazurki

"And I worked with every one of them."
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Charles Kilgore
(who went above and beyond ... )
Editor/publisher (Ecco magazine)

1. Philip Ahn
One of the U.S.-born actors who portrayed evil orientals in Hollywood movies, Philip Ahn was often seen as the "inscrutable," proverb-babbling stereotype. He was Dr. Fong in Sam Fuller's Shock Corridor, Ching Foon in Confessions of an Opium Eater, Lin Cho in John Farrow's China, and Colonel Kuroki in the John Wayne vehicle Back To Bataan. He also appeared in the schlocky 1972 horror film Voodoo Heartbeat.

2. Audrey Campbell
In three 60s low-budget sexploitation films, Audrey Campbell became an icon of the leather and lace set with her portrayal of the dope-peddling, slave-selling dominatrix Madame Olga. She began with the White Slaves of Chinatown and worked her way up to Madame Olga's House of Shame. There were other roles for her, but none so memorable. Being evil has rarely seemed so enjoyable.

3. Martin Kosleck
On screen, Martin Kosleck was the kind of Nazi that everyone loved to hate. He portrayed Joseph Goebbels five times, as well as portraying myriad other German officer roles. He also starred in such cult horror films as The Mummy's Curse, House of Horrors, and Flesh Eaters. In the latter, he was an unrepentant Nazi.

4. Henry Silva
Puerto Rican actor Henry Silva was often cast as a ruthless villain. This was epitomized in William Asher's 1962 gangster film Johnny Cool, which starred Silva. He was also menacing in the rape-revenge western The Animals, and paid his dues appearing in Eurotrash such as the spaghetti western The Hills Run Red and the crime film The Italian Connection. He can currently be seen in Wim Wenders' The End Of Violence (1997).

5. Erich Von Stroheim
One of the first film performances of "The Dirty Hun," as he was known, was falling off a roof in D.W. Griffith's silent classic The Birth Of A Nation. He later essayed his patent "evil German" in Griffith's Hearts Of The World, where he tosses an infant out of a window before ravishing its mother. He later appeared as a mad doctor in The Crime Of Dr. Crespi and as a mad ventriloquist in The Great Gabbo.

Bryan Senn
Writer (Golden Horrors: An Illustrated Critical Filmography of Terror Cinema; Fantastic Cinema Subject Guide; Drums of Terror: Voodoo in the Cinema)

1. Lionel Atwill
2. Bela Lugosi
3. Vincent Price
4. Lee Van Cleef
5. George Zucco

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Robert Clarke
Actor (The Man From Planet X; The Hideous Sun Demon; The Body Snatcher, Beyond the Time Barrier)

1. Boris Karloff
2. James Cagney
3. Humphrey Bogart
4. Jack Palance
5. Edward G. Robinson

Ted Bohus
Editor/publisher (SPFX; Chiller Theater) Director (The Regenerated Man; Vampire Vixens from Venus)

1. James Cagney
2. Rutger Hauer
3. James Woods
4. Robert De Niro
5. Edward Norton

Greg Mank
Writer (It's Alive; The Hollywood Hissables; Karloff and Lugosi; Hollywood Cauldron)

Five bad guy actors:

1. Laird Cregar
2. Boris Karloff
3. Bela Lugosi
4. John Carradine
5. Basil Rathbone


Individual performances

John Barrymore - Svengali
Boris Karloff - The Body Snatcher
John Carradine - Hitler's Madman
Laird Cregar - Blood and Sand
Brian Donlevy - Beau Geste

"The management of this theater disclaims any responsibility
for heart attacks or damage to nerves!"

The Blob

"The fire-spitting monster predicted in the Bible!"
The Giant Behemoth

"Superwomen -- belted, buckled and booted!"
Faster Pussycat Kill ... Kill!

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