Though she was the daughter of one of the century's most influential pop music innovators, Charlotte Austin shied away from a promising musical career, and through a series of chance encounters, found herself appearing in a handful of cult films, two of which are prime examples of the gorilla film sub-genre we're discussing. Both Gorilla At Large and The Bride and the Beast qualify as must-see viewing for anyone interested in low-budget horror.

B MONSTER: How did your film career begin?

CHARLOTTE: My best friend was getting married, and I was a bridesmaid at the wedding. I was only 16. She was marrying Richard Newman who was the nephew of all the Newmans who were at Fox. Lionel Newman, Alfred Newman, Mark Newman -- I met the whole family. And Mark Newman, who was an agent, cornered me and said, "I'm taking you to 20th Century Fox tomorrow." I said, "No, no, I don't want to." He said, "I think you've got something, kid." I didn't want to go but I went to the studio. I had never acted. I worked with a strange drama coach for about three months, did a screen test and that was it, they signed me.

"A helicopter's churning blades whirl inches from your head!"
It Came From Outer Space

"He turned the greatest show on earth into a ... "
Circus of Horrors

"A Psychedelic trip into the 5th dimension!"
Curse of the Doll People

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