The platinum queen of the drive-in screen resents being categorized with the myriad buxom bombshells that flourished in the 1950s. The way she sees it, rock 'n roll set her apart. Her close identification with the emerging scene -- Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Little Richard, et al. -- gave her image a youthful edge the others never aspired to. "I was always noted as an 'Untamed Youth' type," Mamie declares, referring to her classic film of the same name. "I love that movie. That was my favorite. Even better than Teacher's Pet with Clark Gable." The Gable vehicle contained Mamie's corny, hip-swinging show-stopper The Girl Who Invented Rock And Roll, but the brassy night club number was a far cry from the music she loved best.

"World of women seeking male partners to carry on race!"
Fire Maidens From Outer Space

"It could be your street, your house, your life!"
Door-To-Door Maniac

"The world's first horror movie made in hallucinogenic hypno-vision!"
The Maniacs Are Loose

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