Here they are, 10 determined females to be reckoned with. The sultriest, shapeliest and most calculating women in genre-film history.

Priscilla Lawson

Steamed up: The Phantom Rider, Test Pilot, Flash Gordon
The one to watch: Flash Gordon
Why: Darkly demonic Lawson blends pathos and lust as the lovelorn Princess Aura, daughter of Ming, who pines away for tousle-haired Buster Crabbe.
In a word: Aura-some

Nina Bara

Steamed up: The Black Hills, Space Patrol, Missile to the Moon
The one to watch: Missile to the Moon
Why: Bara's scenery-chewing role as the sultry Alpha, who betrays her Queen, the better to lust after burly Richard Travis.
In a word: Kitch-xotic

Coleen Gray

Steamed up: The Phantom Planet, The Vampire, The Leech Woman
The one to watch: The Leech Woman
Why: Gray is alternately pathetic and voluptuous, murdering lovers and siphoning off the bodily fluids that keep her young.
In a word: Draining

Laurie Mitchell

Steamed up: Queen of Outer Space, Missile to the Moon, Attack of the Puppet People
The one to watch: Queen of Outer Space
Why: Shapely, slit-skirted Mitchell is the scarred, male-hating Queen of a manless planet, though most associate co-star Zsa Zsa Gabor with the title role.
In a word: Royal-tease

Peggie Castle

Steamed up: Invasion U.S.A., Beginning of the End, Back From the Dead
The one to watch: Back From the Dead
Why: Castle in a dual-role (aided by a snazzy camera trick or two) as the new bride of Arthur Franz, whose body is inhabited by the spirit of his previous, evil spouse.
In a word: Possessive

Mari Blanchard

Steamed up: Abbott & Costello Go To Mars, She Devil, Twice-Told Tales
The one to watch: She Devil
Why: Blanchard is sultry, flinty and altogether without a conscience as the unstoppably seductive result of science gone horribly wrong.
In a word: Babe-Ruthless

Mara Corday

Steamed up: Tarantula, The Giant Claw, The Black Scorpion
The one to watch: Fooled ya -- I'm going with Problem Girls
Why: I don't care that it's not sci fi, young Mara as a wild-eyed fire-bug meets the criteria as far as I'm concerned. And that shower scene ...
In a word: Flame-buoyant

Marla English

Steamed up: The She-Creature, Voodoo Woman, Shield For Murder
The one to watch: Voodoo Woman
Why: She's a shapely, hard-bitten broad in a sarong. No wonder Tom Conway wants her to lead his army of genetically engineered superwomen.
In a word: Voodoorific

Yvette Vickers

Steamed up: Attack of the Giant Leeches, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, I, Mobster
The one to watch: Attack of the Giant Leeches
Why: The atmosphere is by turns sexy and stifling, especially during scenes between Yvette and frustrated hubby Bruno Ve Sota, who whimpers and pleads as his hillbilly buddies gossip in the next room.
In a word: Swamptuos (or Leechy-keen, if you will.)

Allison Hayes

Steamed up: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, The Undead, Disembodied
The one to watch: The Undead
Why: Everybody goes with 50 Foot Woman, but Hayes is far more appealing in The Undead. Her breast-enhancing, leather bodice, easily two sizes too small, is justification enough.
In a word: Uplifting

"Subterranean mole-men inflicting weird tortures on all captives!"
Valley of the Dragons

"What is this monstrous thing with the powers of mind over matter?"
Journey to the Seventh Planet

"You are in the future before it happens!"
The Time Travelers

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